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We have information about the following free Ada 95 compilers:

We have information about the following free Ada 83 compilers:

The above compilers are "free" but not "public-domain." Apart from ObjectAda by Aonix, they are distributed under FSF "copyleft." "Copyleft" software (e.g. GNU compilers) means there is no warranty, and you have permission to copy, modify, and further distribute the source. But you can't charge anyone for the code, even if modified. Finally, distributed code (always including source) must be subject to exactly the same conditions. These compilers are free to the extent that you don't pay money to buy them; you only pay with your own time to copy and install them.

Note also that many vendors donate compilers and related tools as part of their educational programs, and that there are several high-quality, low-cost Ada compilers which give you a lot of tools and support for the money.

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