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Educational Discounts

Among those offering educational discounts or donating their compilers to universities are ACT, Aonix, DDC-I, Encore, Harris, OC Systems, Irvine Compiler, Rational, R.R. Software, and Tartan (for a list of companies with detailed contact addresses please check our compiler vendors list).

Here is a partial list of offerings. For Ada compiler vendors not listed here, note that they probably do offer special programs for academic use of their compilers. You should contact them directly.

The details of these programs might change. The main point is the names of the contact person for academic programs. The Ada vendors want to encourage Ada use in education, so please take advantage of it.

Sometimes, the details are not very specific but the professors should contact vendors directly anyway. Ada vendors are usually willing to make very favorable arrangements, and the details of each arrangement can be somewhat unique and may vary because of location or type of school, and so forth. If a professor doesn't have an Ada compiler, it's probaby because he didn't ask.

R.R. Software
Free to High Schools:
R.R. Software, Inc. has made the Janus/Ada MS DOS compiler, a validated Ada 83 compiler package, available to high schools at no charge. Interested high school students and faculty may contact Gary Shupe of the Ada Joint Program Office for more information.

Free to Colleges & Universities:
R.R. Software will give a free Ada 83 or Ada 95 compiler package to any College or University Professor or instructor that is either updating an existing Ada class or considering the implementation of a new course. With complete Ada 95 packages available for Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT, DOS Extender, and PC-based Unix, they are a major source for PC-based Ada.

Discounted Ada 83 and Ada 95:
R.R. Software offers steep discounts to any accredited college faculty, student, or staff. The discounts are typically in the range of 65% off of the regular list price. In addition to single copies, custom site licenses are available which can outfit a computer lab for under $60 a copy.

Point of Contact:
     R.R. Software, Inc.  PO Box 1512  Madison, WI  53701  USA
     Ian Goldberg, General Manager  E-mail:
     Phone: +1 (608) 245-0375

OC Systems
OC Systems offers its Ada products, including their PowerAda with validated Ada 95 compiler, to educational institutions at no cost. Their compilers run on PowerPC (RS/6000) platforms, with ALX and LynxOS. They offer validated Ada 95 and Ada 83 compilers on a single CD-ROM, with all of the tools interchangeable in both modes. They currently have more than 800 academic user licenses in the field, in the U.S., in Canada, and in several locations in Europe.

All they require is a statement on University letterhead that the product will be used only for teaching and education (a FAX is fine). They will ship the product immediately, and provide their commercially available support and upgrades--at no cost.

     Ralph E. Crafts, Vice President
     Sales & Marketing, OC Systems, Inc.

     Fax:    +1 (703) 359-8161

Rational Software Corporation is donating its compilers, cross-compilers, and automated testing software to universities as part of its Software Engineering for Educational Development (SEED) program. Rational initiated the SEED program in September 1993 to provide free software to accredited educational institutions. The program offers state-of-the- art software technology for training future software-engineering professionals.

Through this program Rational Apex is available on the IBM RISC System 6000 and Sun SPARC processors. TestMate and Rational Rose/Ada are layered products that work with Rational Apex and are included in the SEED program. VADSself and VADScross family of Ada compilers and cross compilers are also available under the SEED program.

"... the SEED program is part of Rational's ongoing commitment to help educational institutions obtain the latest tools for teaching good software-engineering techniques," said Gerard J. Rudisin, vice president of marketing at Rational Software Corporation. "Ada is an excellent basis for software-engineering and an excellent language for teaching. However, universities often lack the resources to purchase the technology necessary to provide students with the training they need to succeed in today's highly competitive industry. The SEED program is a way for Rational to help educational institutions stay up-to-date with the industry."

Rational Apex is a fully integrated development environment that features editing, program browsing, compilation, debugging, and code analysis as well as team- oriented configuration management, version control, and architectural support. It simplifies application development by automating modern software-engineering processes and greatly reducing the time that developers must spend designing, coding, debugging, and testing. Rational Apex also facilitates architecture and code reuse and supports object-oriented development methodologies.

VADSself provides a complete toolset for native applications. VADScross provides support for host-to-target development of real-time embedded systems. Both products include a compiler or cross-compiler, a code optimizer, a symbolic debugger, a disassembler, a cross-reference generator, a source-code formatter, an Ada preprocessor, a library manager, a compilation manager, a rich set of standard libraries, and extensive online help and hard-copy documentation.

TestMate is a comprehensive set of testing tools integrated with Rational Apex that reduces the cost of software testing and maintenance and improves the quality of software. TestMate helps increase the productivity of development and testing teams by automating various parts of the software-testing process and providing a common framework for all software-testing activities.

The Rational SEED program is open to all accredited degree-granting educational institutions, including military academies, worldwide.

For more information on the Rational SEED program, contact coordinator Becky Portillo at +1 (408) 496-3857, fax +1 (408) 496-3974, or send e-mail to

Aonix (ex-Thomson Software Products)
Aonix offers a variety of Ada Development environments for PC and UNIX platforms. The LEAP (Leading the Education of Ada Professionals) Program provides deep discounts and flexible licensing incentives to make their products an attractive choice for classroom usage. Qualified Professors are eligible to receive one copy of ActivAda, the Aonix Windows product, at no charge.

A special edition of ObjectAda is provided in the back of a popular Ada 95 textbook by Feldman and Koffman.

ObjectAda and ActivAda are Windows development environments to develop Win32 applications in respectively Ada 95 and Ada 83.

Contact Marianne Worley at +1 (617) 457-2700, (800) 833-0085 x244 or send e-mail to

Ada Core Technologies, Inc.
Ada Core Technologies, Inc. offers a special level of support to universities who are using GNAT for educational and research purposes. For a single license fee, ACT will provide support for all platforms. There must be a single point of contact for the support. GNAT running on MS-DOS is supported only under this type of support and only education use is supported.

Contact Nancy Cruz at +1 (212) 620-7300 ext.117, or fax +1 (212) 807-0162, or send e-mail to

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