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October 30, 1997


Free Aonix ObjectAda Compiler

Aonix ( has started to distribute two free versions of its Ada 95 Compilers.

Formerly available as the Special Edition (Windows) and StarterPack (UNIX) of the ObjectAda compiler family, these compilers have been released for unlimited distribution.

The Windows version is not formally validated but has an open non-commercial license. In other words, if you develop software with this free Aonix compiler and later decide to release your software commercially, you should then buy the validated Aonix compiler.

The Unix version is validated, but has a six-month license duration.

Note that the more advanced Aonix compilers, such as the Personal, Professional, CorePack and Enterprise, and real-time editions, are still commercial products.


The release contains the following versions of the Aonix ObjectAda product line:

The Special Edition of ObjectAda for Windows includes:

The StartPack Edition of ObjectAda for Unix includes:

Target platforms include:

Windows License

The Special Edition of ObjectAda for Windows is a fully operational version of ObjectAda and does not require a license key. However, its usage is subject to certain restrictions described below.

"This edition of ObjectAda for Windows may not be used for commercial development purposes. It contains a fully- functional environment but operates under the following limitations: a program may contain no more than 35 units; a compilation unit may contain to more than 20 tasks; a compilation may not exceed 2000 lines (550 for Java compilations). The compiler is not formally validated."

Unix License

The Unix version of ObjectAda requires a license key. Contact your nearest Aonix representative for a free license key which will provide you access to the product as follows:


To download this software, use

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