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Ada/Ed, an interpreter for Ada 83

Ada/Ed (mirror) is available for 386/486 DOS machines, Unix-based machines, Amiga, and Atari systems.

Based on the Ada/Ed README:
Ada/Ed is a translator-interpreter for Ada 83. It is intended as a teaching tool, and does not have the capacity, performance, or robustness of commercial Ada compilers. Ada/Ed was developed at New York University, as part of a long-range project in language definition and software prototyping. The project produced the first validated translator for Ada, in the form of an executable definition of the language written in SETL. The SETL system served as design document and prototype for the C version [available from the NYU host].

Ada/Ed was last validated under version 1.7 of the ACVC tests (Ada 83). Therefore it is not currently a validated Ada system, and users can expect to find discrepancies between Ada/Ed and currently validated compilers (and none of the new Ada 95 mechanisms are implemented, of course).

Apart from the 100-odd tests of ACVC 1.11 that Ada/Ed failed, the major deficiency of the system is that, being an interpreter, it does not implement most representation clauses, and thus does not support systems programming close to the machine level.

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