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Low-cost Development Systems

What follows is absolutely not exhaustive, but you will observe that, contrary to widespread belief, inexpensive Ada compilers are available.

Note also that most vendors have special educational offerings (sharp discounts or donations).

Aonix (ex-Thomson Software Products)
ObjectAda for Windows -- Price: $245 Personal Edition, $595 Professional Edition. This is Aonix's validated Ada 95 compiler for Windows. A difference between the two editions is that the Personal Edition has only on-line docs. Further, the Professional Edition provides the following: You can obtain and test the restricted, free version of ObjectAda.

ActivAda Classic -- Price: $79. This is a Windows development environment to develop Win32 applications in Ada 83.

Email or call (800) 97-AONIX for more information on ObjectAda and ActivAda.

CodeBuilder (a.k.a. MacAda)
This is a port of GNAT to Tenon's MachTen Unix environment running on PowerPC Mac. It is possible to generate true Mac applications written in Ada with this $99 self-contained development environment.

CodeBuilder is a PowerMac application that includes complete development tools which can be used to develop Mac applications, X applications, and NeXT/Unix applications. Includes compilers for other languages.

Rational Software Corporation
Among choices for inexpensive compilers, Rational offers one for $99 (OpenAda).

Rational Software Corporation, 2800 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051-0951; tel: 1-800-RAT-1212

R.R. Software
Janus/Ada 9X Professional Development System.

Janus/Ada Professional Development System -- 60386 MS-DOS -- regularly goes for $500.

R.R. Software, P.O. Box 1512, Madison, WI 53701; contact: 608/245-0375; e-mail:

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