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Low-cost Compilers
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Validated Ada 95 Compilers

List of Ada Compiler Vendors

We have the addresses, www sites, email and phone contacts, as well as some short product descriptions for all major Ada compiler vendors.

Free Compilers

Several compilers are "free" (but not "public-domain"). Most are under GNU "copyleft", which means basically that they can be freely copied and modified as long as modifications are distributed under the same scheme.

Low-cost Compilers

Contrary to a widespread myth, inexpensive Ada compilers are available. They are especially inexpensive when you consider the amount of support the language gives you with compile-time and run-time checking.

Educational Discounts and Donations

The Ada vendors want to encourage the use of Ada in education, so please take advantage of it. If a professor doesn't have an Ada compiler, he probably didn't try to get one.

Validated Ada Compilers

There is a growing list of validated Ada 95 compilers. Note that the AJPO/AdaIC has closed (no more government funding). Validations are still going on at two facilities, one of which (EDS) publishes results.

Page last modified: 1998-12-25