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A Short Introduction for New Ada Programmers

What is Ada?
If you are new to Ada, you probably have some questions about the language, and about its name. So to help you, you will find here an introduction and a few answers, as well as the free online Ada 95 tutorial: Lovelace.

You may also want to explore the Usenet Ada FAQs, which contain answers to many frequently asked questions. These FAQs are posted monthly to the comp.lang.ada Usenet newsgroup.

Where does Ada come from?
Next, we have a unique section about the origins and history of Ada. This section offers historical documents (requirements and rationales) and some notes of interest. For instance, you will find there background information on the first computer programmer in history, Ada Lovelace, together with historical notes about the development of the language.

Who are the people publicly associated with Ada?
You have probably heard names of many people associated with the Ada programming language, but don't really know what they've done for the Ada community, what they look like, or how to contact them. Well, we've got exactly what you were looking for: the Ada Rogues Gallery, a who's who of the Ada world!

For entertainment, there is also a picture gallery, with many pictures of Lady Ada Lovelace and places or items that have some (sometimes tenuous ;-) connection to Ada.

Design goals for a language? Sure!
You may be interested in reading a short summary of Ada's original Design Goals and Sources as explained in The Language Reference Manual, LRM 83. The LRM also offers a Language Summary.

Additional design goals?
The Ada standard has been revised for the first time, in 1995. The new definition is in the Ada 95 Reference Manual (this is our unique, hypertext version). The introduction of the new manual describes its Design Goals and offers a Language Summary. Compare to the original intent described in LRM 83 (see above).

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