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The following reference material is available:

Ada 95 Reference Manual

The revised Ada standard, ISO/IEC/ANSI 8652:1995, was officially approved in February 1995. There are several electronic formats of the new reference manual (RM95). rm95html, the Ada Home's unique online hypertext version, is an ancestor of KSCE's more complete DocAda. There are also an ASCII text and a Postscript version. And of course paper copies can be bought.

Ada 95 Rationale

The Ada 95 Rationale describes the overall scope and objectives of Ada 95 and its main technical features. There are also several electronic formats of the new rationale, including an online hypertext version and DocAda (which tightly integrates the reference manual and rationale). To obtain a paper copy, follow the same channels as for buying paper copies of the RM. Read part I before you attempt to read the Ada 95 Reference Manual; then parts II and III should be read in conjunction with the Reference Manual. For more details on the roots of Ada (including the Steelman requirements), see the historical section of the Ada Home.

Ada Grammar and Parsing

Included in our hypertext version of RM95, you will find the online Ada 95 syntax summary (Annex P). Also available are: a YACC-compatible grammar and a simple lexer to go with it, as well as syntactic diagrams that illustrate graphically the whole Ada 95 syntax.

Ada Quality and Style Guides

"Ada Quality and Style: Guidelines for Professional Programmers", intended for Ada 83 programmers, has been revised for Ada 95 (this new version was released in October 1995). The AQS has plenty of good ideas, recommendations, and rationales for coding styles.

Ada Compiler Validation Capability

Compilers are said to be "validated" once they have passed the extensive test suite known as the Ada Compiler Validation Capability (ACVC).

Ada 83 Reference Manual and Rationale

The original Ada standard, ANSI/MIL-STD-1815A-1983 (a.k.a. ISO 8652:1987), was revised and superseded by Ada 95. Note that the 1986 Rationale for the Design of the Ada Programming Language is still a useful and important document. There are two electronic formats of the old reference manual (RM83): online hypertext and ASCII text.

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