Ada 95 Reference Manual

Special Thanks To

Intermetrics, Inc.
Home of the Mapping/Revision Team (led by Tucker Taft) and provider of the well-formatted ASCII text of the Ada 95 RM.

Larry Wall
Author of Perl, the Practical Extraction and Report Language, a great tool for pattern-matching and substitution (and for a lot of other endeavours).

The beta-testers and other reviewers of the hypertext annotations
C. Bradley, D. Bulman, C. Emerson, D. Goddard, P. Gorman, L. Guerby, S. Haden, R. Hash, B. Link, G. McKee, D. Mundie, R. Nebbe, T. Taft, D. Thonon, M. Weber

Stéphane Barbey
Who had the idea that the Ada 95 RM should be transmogrified (by students) into HTML. I liked the idea and one day started to transmogrify.

Gregg Hanna
Who kindly showed me the Perl scripts he used for the HTML'ization of LRM 83. Since the textual structure of LRM 95 is different from that of LRM 83, and since I designed a different hypertext structure for the reference manual, I got some ideas but unfortunately no reuse was possible.

Volker Elling
Who provided me with complete cross-reference links of the non-terminals in the syntax.

How It Was Done

This hypertext Ada 95 RM was generated by passing the ASCII RM through several Perl scripts which annotated the text with HTML markup. The Perl scripts were written by Magnus Kempe, on his own time.

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