Ada 95 Reference Manual

Author: Magnus Kempe

In addition to being the author of the HTML hypertext annotations for the Ada 95 RM, I am a lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (the EPFL), teaching programming methods--with Ada. My area of research is in the foundations of software engineering methods. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Software Engineering with the following working title: "The Premises of Software Engineering Methods: Analysis and Recommendations." I am an active member of the Swiss delegation to the Ada working group of ISO (done working on Ada 9X, the revision of Ada); I am also chairman of "Ada in Switzerland". I've given tutorials at international conferences such as OOPSLA, TRI-Ada, and TOOLS Europe.

I am a member of the Society for Objective Science (SOS), of the ACM, of ACM/SIGAda, of IEEE, and of the IEEE Computer Society.

My project file says: "My thesis, teaching Ada, Aristotelian philosophy, and living on earth." I love Kira, my cat; I'm a rabid bookworm; and I know that A is A. I am a radical for reason.

I speak French, English, Swedish, and German (in that order), and understand a few related European languages. I spent 8 years studying Latin. (So if you write to me, pick an appropriate language!)

I love chocolate (brown, dark, praliné--esp. Ragusa), dark chocolate chip ice cream, and chocolate mousse. (Restaurant favori ŕ Lausanne: La Grappe d'Or, en partie pour son chariot des desserts.)

In some of my spare time, I manage the Ada WWW Server (Home of the Brave Ada Programmers) and I am the author/compiler of the Ada FAQs.

If you want to get in touch, here's an address:
route d'Essertines
1416 Pailly	Vox/Fax: +41-21 887 8442	ICBM: available on request
Switzerland	E-mail:
Comments, additions, corrections gripes, kudos, etc. are all welcome. Email or write to the above address.

May the spirit of Liberty rest upon you.

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