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Several people have discussed the idea of using the GNAT Ada compiler to generate Java Virtual Machine (JVM) code. If you're interested in doing this, here is a collection of related links.

You must know something about compilers or you will have a lot of learning to do. Also, if you're planning to start such a project, be sure to let others know (via the newsgroup comp.lang.ada); there's no point in having several duplicative efforts.

First, read and understand the following, which have the technical details you'll need to get started:

Then you can look at related information. Here are some related hypertext pages you should examine:

This all assumes you already know something about Ada and existing web resources. If not, have a look at Lovelace, an Ada 95 tutorial, and the Ada Home (HBAP), an Ada-related web server.

Here are a few comments by others who have briefly looked into this:

Q: When can we expect a GNAT/GCC targeted for the Java VM?
A: As Robert Dewar is fond of saying, "as soon as someone writes one!" :-) (Michael Feldman)

Note that there are already two commercial products that generate Java VM output from Ada code: AppletMagic by Intermetrics and ObjectAda by Aonix.

This page was originally submitted by David Wheeler.

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