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July 1998

Ada Development Environment Integrated With Real-Time OS -- by Green Hills Software and Raytheon. (1998-07-05)

February 1998

Overhauled Ada Home Bookshop -- find the best Ada and software engineering books in our catalogue and buy them online. (1998-02-08)

Ada Home Report -- continued increase observed in the number of visits and visitors; more than 10,000 visitors in January 1998! (1998-02-05)

A Thick Ada 95 Binding for Unix Child Processes and Pipes -- use this binding to create a child process and obtain a pipe for reading or writing to that process. (1998-02-03)

December 1997

December 10: Happy Birthday Ada Lovelace -- a short biography of the first computer programmer in history. (1997-12-10)

AdaGraph v0.5 -- announcement of a free package for basic graphics on Windows 95/NT. (1997-12-09)

October 1997

Free Aonix Ada 95 compilers -- Aonix has released two free versions of its ObjectAda product line, for Windows and Unix. (1997-10-30)

August 1997

Ada to JDK 1.1 Binding -- Aonix has released a binding to JDK 1.1, which works with both ObjectAda and Appletmagic. (1997-08-01)

July 1997

Book review of Ada 95 for C and C++ Programmers -- helps C and C++ programmers to understand Ada 95 and shows where it will benefit them as software engineers. (1997-07-29)

Availability of the Ada 95 Reference Manual and Rationale -- published by Springer-Verlag, increasing the visibility of Ada 95 by making two major language reference works easily accessible to the general public. (1997-07-29)

June 1997

Ada Can Do It! -- common false claims about things Ada won't let you do, and how to do them (and why some are not directly supported). (1997-06-16)

Ada Makes Debugging Much Easier -- language features made debugging of project much easier. (1997-06-16)

Ada Waivers No Longer Required by US DoD -- new policy effective since 1997-04-29; criteria for language selection could favor Ada. (1997-06-16)

May 1997

Book review of Henry Petroski's Invention by Design: How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing -- if we value the engineering part of software engineering, we should pay serious attention to the nature of engineering and design. (1997-05-29)

More books offered in the Ada Home Bookshop -- find and buy the best Ada and software engineering books in our Summer 1997 catalogue. (1997-05-29)

Ada Kills Hairy Bugs -- why Ada is better than other programming languages if your goal is to eradicate bugs. (1997-05-29)

Weight of 1997-04-29 Paige Memo -- Ada requirement eliminated in favor of language selections made in context of system/software engineering analyses. (1997-05-21)

April 1997

Use of the Ada Programming Language -- official memo of Assistant Secretary of Defense Paige. (1997-04-29)

Exclusive: Q&A about the end of the mandate, with AJPO director Hamilton -- contemplated policy changes do not constitute abandonment of Ada. (1997-04-22)

Two new Ada books at the Ada Home Bookshop -- object-oriented data structures and algorithms (general Ada) and the Ada 95 Lovelace tutorial (introduction to programming with Ada). (1997-04-21)

Ada 95 Lovelace tutorial updated -- learn Ada 95 with version 5.7 of this excellent online tutorial. Now also available in book format; can be ordered on-line, see above. (1997-04-21)

More books reviewed in the Ada Home Bookshop -- find and buy the best Ada and software engineering books in our Spring 1997 catalogue. (1997-04-03)

Mandate Revised -- "Ada dumped, Your fault". (1997-04-01)

Programming Language Decency Act -- US Senate passes new bill. (1997-04-01)

March 1997

Ada, C, C++, and Java vs. the Steelman (large) -- a comparative evaluation of four major programming languages with reference to the Steelman requirements that led to the creation of Ada. (1997-03-11)

Robert Dewar's comments on Mr Paige's decision -- the mandate is not necessary. (1997-03-11)

END OF THE MANDATE ! -- "Ada will compete better without the mandate" says Mr Paige. (1997-03-10)

A Comparison of Ada and C++ features -- an itemized list of differences between two major object-oriented programming languages. (1997-03-04)

The Ada Home is three years old -- two million pages viewed in three years! More than 8,000 readers each month. (1997-03-03)

January 1997

The Ada Job Center -- advertise and find Ada job opportunities online. (1997-01-29)

Our unique Index of Consultants -- advertise and find Ada-related professional consultancy services. (1997-01-28)

Opening a New Floor: The Ada Home Marketplace -- efficiently reach the Ada market, through the Ada Home. (1997-01-22)

Our Banner Ad Program -- powerful advertising opportunities at the Ada Home. (1997-01-22)


The Ada Home Book Shop -- shop online to find and buy the best Ada and software engineering books. (1996-11-02)

About the Ada Home -- an independent publication designed to be the best Web-based information source for Ada and Ada-related issues. (1996-11-02)

Lovelace tutorial updated to version 5.6 -- learn Ada 95 with this excellent online tutorial. (1996-10-20)

A new home for the Ada Home -- easy to remember, easy to find, easy to use; always growing and improving: http://www.adahome.com/ (1996-09-26)
Please update your bookmarks and links.

The Rogues Gallery inaugurated -- a who's who of the Ada world (please send nominations and pictures!) (1996-08-20)

Steelman finally available online -- the original, June 1978 requirements document for Ada; several electronic formats. Stoneman is now also online. (1996-07-29/08-12)

Lovelace tutorial updated to version 5.5 -- learn Ada 95 with this excellent online tutorial. (1996-07-23)

Ada Resource Association Begins Program to Standardize How Ada is Used and Implemented with External Services -- the coordination with vendors is designed to make Ada the most portable language. (1996-07-16)

Ada 95 bindings to OS/2 and Win32 now available -- Mac OS bindings also in preparation. (1996-07-09)

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