Software Design Methods for Concurrent and Real-Time Systems

Author: Hassan Gomaa, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA Date: Tue, 18 Oct 94 Subject: New book on concurrent and real-time Ada design Keywords: real-time, tasking, light-weight process, design, Ada Software Design Methods for Concurrent and Real-Time Systems by Hassan Gomaa George Mason University Published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company as part of the SEI Series in Software Engineering ISBN # 52577 In this book, Gomaa outlines the characteristics of concurrent, real-time, and distributed systems, describes the concepts most important in their design, and surveys the design methods available for them. Drawing on his experience in industry, he takes two related object-oriented methods -- ADARTS (Ada-based Design Approach for Real-Time Systems) and CODARTS (COncurrent Design Approach for Real- Time Systems) -- and shows in detail how they can be applied. The author first introduces the reader to real-time and concurrency concepts, and reviews the background in software design and development needed for the balance of the book. He then describes a number of methods that can be used for real-time and concurrent system design, comparing them through application to a common problem. Methods described include Real-time Structured Analysis and Design, Jackson System Development, Parnas' Naval Research Lab/Software Cost Reduction Method, and Object-Oriented Design. For each design method treated, the author presents the concepts on which it is based, the steps used in its application, and an assessment of its effectiveness. Gomaa then focuses on ADARTS, a practical method developed by the author and proven over time, and CODARTS, which contains the author's latest ideas on software analysis and design. The final part of the book features practical case studies in which the ADARTS and CODARTS methods are demonstrated. Highlights * Provides a basic understanding of concepts and issues in concurrent system design, while surveying and comparing a range of applicable design methods. * Elaborates two object-oriented design methods for the effective design of concurrent and real-time systems, including the design of distributed applications. * Describes a practical approach for applying real- time scheduling theory to analyze the performance of real-time designs. This book is valuable for software designers and developers faced with the growing need to design interactive, concurrent, real-time, and distributed systems with state- of-the-art software design methods. About the Author Hassan Gomaa is Professor in the Department of Information and Software Systems Engineering at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. He has over 25 years of experience in software engineering, both in industry and in academia, and has published over 60 technical papers. He has developed concurrent and real-time systems in industry, developed software design methods and applied them to real-world problems, and taught short courses on the subject for professional software engineers. A recognized authority on concurrent and real-time systems analysis and design, Dr. Gomaa received his B.Sc.(Eng.) in Electrical Engineering from University College, London, and his DIC and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Imperial College, London.