Ada in Action

Author: Do-While Jones Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 Subject: Ada in Action is on-line Ada in Action (with Practical Programming Examples) by Do-While Jones is now on the Internet. It can be obtained using anonymous ftp from You will find it in the pub/users/d/do_while/ada_in_action directory. The first edition of Ada in Action was published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in 1989. Initial sales were not sufficient to retain John Wiley's interest in it, and it went out of print after only 1500 copies were sold. It then became a cult classic, with a very small :-( but very loyal :-) following. There is said to be an unauthorized Chinese translation, and there have been reports that the asking price in Germany is double the cover price. If you have a copy of the first edition, take good care of it. The only new material in the second edition is contained in the dedication, copyright notice, the Epilog (Chapter 7). The new copyright notice is much less restrictive than the previous one. The Epilog contains reflections on the first edition. Copies of the two disks that were sold with the first edition are also included two subdirectories (disk1 and disk2) under the ada_in_action subdirectory. Since these disks contain all the listings for the book, the listings are not duplicated elsewhere. Ada in Action demonstrates the skills and techniques that make programmers more productive. Progressing from simple to more complex examples, this book demonstrates the proper use of the language. Ada in Action includes: Utilities that express floating-point values in fixed- or floating-point notation, and convert free-form character input to floating-point values. Three portable user interfaces that give the application program complete cursor control, permit line editing and default responses, and support "help" messages. Three file utility programs (MORE, WRITE, and LINE) that demonstrate file I/O and user interface techniques. +--------------------------------+ | Know Ada | | [Ada's Portrait] | | Will Travel | | wire | +--------------------------------+