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ISO Working Group 9

Comments about the Ada standard

The ISO Working Group 9 (ISO-IEC/JTC1/SC22/WG9) deals with the programming language Ada and related standards within the International Organization for Standardization.

WG9 holds regular meetings, often in conjunction with major Ada conferences. WG9 has several rapporteur groups.

Rapporteur Groups

ARG: Ada Rapporteur Group

Evaluation of comments on the Ada standard

This is the group responsible for evaluating comments on the Ada standard. Officially, the group is only developing a technical report addressing comments and questions concerning the ISO standard for Ada. (Arcane ISO rules prevent the ARG or WG9 from issuing "official" interpretations of a standard.) In practice, when a response to a comment is approved by WG9, the response is taken into account by the Ada Validation Office and affects the test suite. The documents containing comments on the standard and ARG responses are called "Ada Commentaries" and are given numbers of the form AI-ddddd/vv, where vv is a version number.

Comments and questions about the Ada standard should be sent to using the format specified in the Ada standard.

Commentaries are regularly updated. The text of all commentaries is available by anonymous FTP from the AdaIC site in directory public/AdaIC/standards/95com.

You can receive e-mail notification of an update to a commentary (optionally including the text of the commentary) by sending a request to

A detailed discussion --dating back to Ada 83 days-- of ARG procedures can be found in directory public/AdaIC/standards/83com, in file arg-procedures.doc. A reformatted copy of the Ada 83 Reference Manual that documented WG9-approved commentaries was published by Karl Nyberg (

CRG: Character Rapporteur Group
International Character Sets

IRG: Information Systems Rapporteur Group
Decimal Arithmetic

NRG: Numerics Rapporteur Group
NUMWG packages

RRG: Real-Time Rapporteur Group

SRG: SQL Interfaces Rapporteur Group

URG: Uniformity Rapporteur Group

Evaluation of Uniformity Issues (UIs)

Responsible for evaluating Uniformity Issues (UIs). UIs specify/recommend specific choices for the compiler implementor, where the language permits implementation freedom. The "canonical example" is UI-8, on integer types. This UI recommends that integers be at least 32 bits, and provides names for the other predefined integer types. The goal of the URG and the UI's is to further Ada portability by providing uniform implementations of implementation-dependent features commonly used by Ada applications.

XRG: Ada 9X Rapporteur Group

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