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Ada France
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There are many national Ada associations. They organize conferences and meetings, publish newsletters and books, and often run their own e-mail lists.

An international association, ACM SIGAda, publishes "Ada Letters" which includes a directory of Ada SIGs (national and local).

Ada-Europe is an international organization, set up to promote the use of Ada in European countries. The members of Ada-Europe are national societies (some of which are listed below). Ada-Europe organizes an annual conference and publishes a bulletin, "Ada-Europe News," four times a year.

National associations described in this page:
Belgium | France | Germany | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom


Ada-Belgium organizes an annual seminar, an annual Ada Tools Exhibition, small workshops, publishes 3 issues of its newsletter a year, and has two e-mail lists for the Ada community in Belgium. On demand, training seminars can be organized.

"" is the general contact address for Ada-Belgium.

"" is the contact address for Ada Belgium's discussion list, open to members only.

"" is the contact address for their read-only information list, open to all Ada users in Belgium and to anyone interested in the Ada-Belgium activities.

Send an empty message with "Subject: help" for more information. The announcements posted to the information list are also posted to the discussion list.

If you have some announcements that may be of interest for the Ada community in Belgium, feel free to forward it to "", and it will be posted to the mailing list if appropriate.

Information provided by Dirk Craeynest, "", Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.


Ada France (groupe français des utilisateurs d'Ada) organizes regular meetings and has an e-mail list for discussions to be held in French. The purpose of this list is similar to comp.lang.ada, i.e. discussions of various technical/non-technical issues about Ada, etc.

If you wish to be added to the Ada-France mailing list send e-mail to

Les "après-midi d'Ada-France" ont repris autour du sujet Ada-95, puisque cette instanciation du X est maintenant certaine.

L'entree est libre et gratuite; tous ceux qui s'interessent a Ada, adeptes actuels ou non, sont cordialement invites.

Les reunions sont ouvertes a tous et debutent a 14h00 a l'AFCET.

Rappel: Ces réunions, organisées par Ada-France, groupe de travail de l'AFCET, sont ouvertes aux personnes intéressées même si elles ne sont pas membres de l'AFCET. Ne vous autocensurez pas inutilement et venez sans complexe :

  1. si vous avez quelque chose à dire
  2. si vous avez des questions à poser
  3. si vous avez des suggestions à faire
  4. si vous avez seulement envie de rencontrer les collègues

Informations fournies par Michel Gauthier,, Université de Limoges, et Jean-Pierre Rosen,, ADALOG.


Ada-Deutschland has a site with information about all actual ongoing activities around Ada in Germany.

Information provided by Peter Dencker, Chair of Ada-Deutschland.


Ada Spain has a home page with information on Ada-Spain's events as well as links to other internet hosts and information on Ada.

Ada-Spain was founded in Madrid on July 1987 by 120 people from about 30 different industrial and academic organisations throughout Spain.

The purpose of Ada-Spain is to be a forum for individuals and organizations interested in the Ada programming language, in its applications, and in Ada related technologies such as software engineering methods, environments, and tools.

Information provided by Francisco Perez Zarza, Ada-Spain Secretary.


Ada in Sweden is an association concerned with software engineering in general and Ada in particular.


Ada in Switzerland organizes two one-day conferences per year and has an email discussion list. Future services and activities will include training seminars.

Membership to Ada in Switzerland can include membership of Ada-Europe too.

"" is the contact address for Ada-in-Switzerland's discussion list, open to members only. Send an empty message with "Subject: help" to receive information about subscribing to this mailing-list.

The mailing list is intended to be used for:

If you have some announcements that may be of interest for the Ada community in Switzerland, feel free to forward it to "", and it will be posted to the mailing list if appropriate.

United Kingdom

Ada UK is a non-profit organisation which makes itself known at conferences and exhibitions around the UK. It has a quarterly journal Ada User, an annual Ada Yearbook and an annual conference.

Membership to Ada UK can include membership of Ada-Europe too.

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