The Adventures of Ada Boy in Ada - Can you come home again?
(as seen by Mike Kamrad)

Ada Boy is returning to his possible ancestral home in search of his roots.  Lets join him as he approaches Ada.

"Gee, Toto!  We're not in Kansas anymore."

Ada Boy tingles with excitement as he enters the fabled (and Star) city of Ada.  He just can't wait to see what surprises awaits him.  Not even the bad weather can dampen his spirits.


Ada Boy heads for Ada City Hall to locate any relations.  What he finds are Sig Adas, Trai Adas, Ada Girls and even an Ada Buoy (a former seafaring clan that settled in Ada after being dumped here by a storm) but alas no Ada Boys!  The city clerk suggests to Ada Boy to seek an old timer, by the name Dee O'Deewon, on the outskirts of town who might be able to help Ada Boy.  It seems that O'Deewon's ancestors were among the earliest settlers of Ada.


As Ada Boy heads to the city's edge to seek out the old timer, he comes across a ghoulish site!!  Here scattered about were the mummified remains of other Boys -- C Boy, FORTRAN Boy, Pascal Boy!!  Poor Ada Boy!  This sight is truly frightening!

Shaken, Ada Boy heads quickly back into town.  In a funk, Ada Boy seeks out comfort in a local watering hole.  (No snide remarks about Ada Boy's owner!)


Unfortunately, Ada Boy succumbs to one too many undisciplined pleasures at the watering hole and (blush, blush) has picked up a social disease - hacking!!  Coming to his senses, Ada Boy seeks help for his problem at the Ada Clinic.  Thankfully, Ada Boy acted quickly and the prognosis is good.  The Clinic recommends lots of structured exercise and some padacilin which Ada Boy can find at the local pharmacy.


Ada Boy stops at the local pharmacy.  While in the store, he asked for directions to where he can find good food.


All the excitement and activities of the day have left Ada Boy very hungary.  He dives into the menu ordering a feast - a salada with French dressing, feijoada and a nice glass of beaujolais!  He finishes the meal with good hot cup of Java.

With a touch of sadness and relief, Ada Boy bids good bye to Ada.

Hey, Ada Boy!  See ya lada, alligada!